Roll the dice

Not a command, but a fun thing anyway. What if you need a dice (as I needed the other day while trying to play a game with my friends) and you don’t have one?
Bash can do it:

$ while true;do let dice="$RANDOM % 6"; let dice=$dice+1;echo $dice;read;clear;done

Though it’s a long line, this is just an infinite loop in which we use the $RANDOM bash variable which generates a random number between 0 and 32767. After that, we divide it by 6 and take the remainder (so we have a number between 0 and 5) and add 1 to shift the interval so we get numbers between 1 and 6.

Have fun!


  • On 07.19.08 Pera said:

    Wrong: that is not a true dice because 32768 is not divisible by 6!!! Then you have mmmhhh: 0 and 1 (i.e. 1 and 2) have 1 possibility more than the others of showing up: 0->5462, 1->5462, 2->5461, 3->5461, 4->5461, 5->5461, 6->5461.

    I got you! :)


  • On 07.21.08 n0str0m0 said:

    Hey! I’m an engineer. Approximation is my business XD

  • On 03.24.09 John Baber said:

    If you want truly random numbers 1-6 without having to think about it, you can always call on

    while true;do
    dice=$( wget -q -O - "" )
    echo $dice

  • On 03.24.09 John Baber said:

    Hey, my “code” tag seems to have ended after the first line…

  • On 03.24.09 n0str0m0 said:

    Very interesting, I didn’t know that service.

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