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So your friend sent you a batch of tiffs to be converted into jpg’s (using ImageMagick‘s convert command). However your friend (who is not so geeky as you) uses spaces in filenames (which is a deadly sin), like in

  • First photo of birthday.tiff
  • Second photo.tiff

You wanted to use a shell for loop, but the obvious

$ for i in `find . -name *tiff` ; do convert "$i" "${i%tiff}jpg" ; done

produces garbage (try it). This is just one of the consequences of your friend’s carelessness.

But there is a solution. IFS (Internal Field Separator) is a shell variable controlling what character(s) delimit a ‘field’ in a line (usually a space, or a tab, but may be any string: each character in it will be considered a ‘separator’).

In our case, we need to tell the shell to use just newlines. However, the obvious IFS="\n" does not work (it is seen as an ‘n’ by the shell). One needs to use a true newline:

$ IFS='
' ; for i in `find . -name *tiff` ; do convert "$i" "${i%tiff}jpg" ; done

does the job. Notice that you really need to type the newline between the two quotation marks.

Hope this helps.


  • On 01.29.09 pgas said:

    On some shells (bash, ksh93) you can use IFS=$’\n’.

    A while read loop might be a bit better, since you don’t need to load all the filenames in memory:

    find -name ‘*.tiff’ | IFS= while read -r file;do echo “$file”;done

    It still fails for the filenames with newlines, there are a numbers of workarounds for instance:

    find . -name ‘*.tiff’ -exec sh -c ‘convert “$1” “${1%tiff}jpg”‘ – {} \;

  • On 01.29.09 pgas said:

    err the while loop should have been:
    find -name ‘*.tiff’ | while IFS= read -r file;do echo “$file”;done

  • On 01.29.09 Pedro Fortuny said:

    Hi, pgas, thanks. I like the while pipe. And the comment about newlines in filenames! One can’t assume ANYthing…


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