Is your site up?

When I cannot reach one of my sites, I do not know if it is my problem, my ISP’s or my hosting provider’s. This is why I use the service down for everyone or just me.

I have written a simple script which uses that service. Its usage is:

$ ./ is up

and the script is:


# 2009 - Rafa Casado -


if [ $numargs -ne 1 ]
        echo "Usage: $0 domain"
        echo "Ex: $0"
        exit 1

IS_UP=`wget -nv -O - "$DOMAIN" 2>&1 | \
       grep "is up"`
if [ $? == "1" ]; then
        echo "$DOMAIN is down"
        echo "$DOMAIN is up"

But I have modified the script to schedule it as a cron job. The modifications are in the if block, which now is:

if [ $? == "1" ]; then
        mail -s "[ALARM] $DOMAIN is down"

I want to check it every hour so the crontab line is:

0 * * * * /path_to_script/

Obviously, the host where you will run the script will not be the one that you want to check ;)

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