Setting variables in emacs at file header

When editing LaTeX files, I usually call the master file of a project 00father.ltx for historical reasons. Moreover, the following line is part of my .emacs:

(setq-default TeX-master "00father.ltx")

because most of the time I am editing multifile projects.

However, from time to time I need to write a single-file document and in this case, naming it 00father.ltx is not that useful, and I do not want to have to set the master-file variable each time I load the file.

There is an easy way to get this done. Just include a line at the top of the file -as a comment in the appropriate language- setting the variables. The syntax is as follows (in C, for example):

/* -*- variable1: value1; variable2: value2; -*- */

I am giving two examples. The first one in C again. Assume this is the header of a file called trial.c

/* -*- tab-width: 8; column-number-mode: 1; fill-column: 80; -*- */

The line tells emacs to set the length of a tab to 8 spaces (usual in BSD), to show the column number in the information line and to wrap lines (if wrapping -fill-mode- is set) at 80 characters.

For my LaTeX issue, the first line of a single-file document letter_to_my_friend.ltx goes as follows (notice the difference in the comment syntax):

% -*- TeX-master: "letter_to_my_friend.ltx"; -*-

I have checked and if your file is a shell script, which usually begins with


(or some similar line), you can place the variable-setting line just afterwards.


  • On 07.28.12 m said:

    *-* should be -*-

  • On 07.31.12 rafacas said:

    Thanks, I have corrected it.

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