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Moving between encodings with emacs

I live in Spain. I work at Academia. This is a problem.

My School’s computers are plagued with Windows (XP!), my pupils most certainly use Windows (I bet it is 7) and I use (obviously) an MBPro with Snow Leopard. Even more, my School’s servers are Linux. This gives rise to latin-1, UTF-8 collisions.

While writing some text-only documents for use with MATLAB (another problem, by the way) I realized I was going to need to convert them from my Mac’s UTF-8 to Windows latin-1 every time I edited them. Time for a makefile. I am not commenting this though, only the rather short elisp code I found here. Say you have a file named convert.el containing:

;; Read the file with no character code conversion.
;; Assume crlf represents end-of-line.
(let ((coding-system-for-read \'utf-8))
    (insert-file-contents "name_of_input_file.m"))
(let ((coding-system-for-write \'latin-1))
    (write-file "name_of_output_file.m"))

Running emacs in batch mode allows you to perform the conversion between UTF-8 and latin-1 automatically:

~$ emacs -batch -l convert.el

Will convert name_of_input_file.m from UTF-8 into name_of_output_file.m which will be in latin-1.

If you mix this with some Perl (or even with some more elisp, but I am not comfortable with the latter), you can achieve conversion enlightenment with a simple makefile. I did. (Which automatically implies I did not, or does it?).

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