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commandliners is a blog for those who prefer typing at a terminal to meddling with a mouse, for those who think using mouse is a waste of time, for those who wonder about the benefits of X when there is a ‘screen’ command, for those who prefer NetHack over WoW, in one word, for those who love writing on black screen :)


Written by Rafa Casado (rafacas), Pedro Fortuny (pfortuny) and Fernando ApesteguĂ­a (n0str0m0).

This blog is intended as a source of enjoyment. We do not claim completeness, correctness or universality. We just want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm regarding Unix systems. We appreciate any kind of constructive criticism.

Rafa Casado (rafacas): is a Computer Science Engineer. Since he has a Mac and Linux installed on it he enjoys both beauty and freedom. He talked Pedro and Fernando into blogging here.

Pedro Fortuny (pfortuny): PhD in Mathematics, freelance IT consultant. A compulsive reader, he enjoys from T.S. Eliot to Evelyn Waugh.

Fernando ApesteguĂ­a (n0str0m0): is a Software Engineer and operating system passionate. He likes Fedora and FreeBSD the most. He enjoys reading, watching movies and drinking beers (not necessarily in that order).