• 17.Mar.12
    Text manipulation on UNIX cmd | pfortuny | (0)
    A quick link to IBM's introduction to text utilities on UNIX. They know the stuff.
  • 08.Sep.11
    Changing permissions only in directories cmd | rafacas | (1)
    $ chmod -R u+rX Changes recursively the write permissions only in the directories. It has been very useful to me lately and I have to admit I did not know this till some weeks ago.
  • 25.Aug.11
    Clearing the terminal screen cmd | rafacas | (0)
    Ctrl + l Clears the terminal screen.
  • 25.Jul.11
    Edit a file using vi in read-only mode cmd | rafacas | (0)
    $ vi -R filename Edits filename in read-only mode. I use it more often than the more or less commands to read code because of vi's syntax highlighting.
  • 01.Nov.10
    gleeBox: mouseless browsing for Chrome, Safari & Firefox cmd, network | pfortuny | (2)
    I bet you are already tired of using the mouse for browsing. Download gleeBox and forget about it. Simply GREAT. (To be honest, I should use lynx to browse the web, but...) Apologies for taking so long to write a post, I have been working hard irl. As all of you, certainly :)
  • 03.Jul.10
    Which package does this file belong to? cmd | fernape | (0)
    On FreeBSD, we use the pkg_info command this way: $pkg_info -W /usr/local/bin/mysql /usr/local/bin/mysql was installed by package mysql-client-5.5.2 Enjoy!
  • 23.Feb.10
    Force fsck at next boot cmd | rafacas | (0)
    # touch /forcefsck Creating an empty forcefsck file in the root directoy will force fsck to run at the next boot.
  • 31.Dec.09
    Make Love cmd | fernape | (0)
    In FreeBSD: $ cd /usr/src $ make love Enjoy the output. Merry Christmas! Source: psybermonkey
  • 27.Nov.09
    Ignoring an alias cmd, shell | rafacas | (3)
    Sometimes I want to ignore an alias. That might seem to make no sense because one of the reasons (the reason?) to use an alias (like ls='ls --color') is creating shortcuts. But, in some cases I need to use the real command, with its real output. In my case, it is because I share the same username with other people on some systems (yes, it is pretty awful, but that is another issue). To do this, precede the command with a backslash: '\'. For example: $ \ls Update: As loood has said in the comments, typing the command in quotes has the same ...
  • 22.Sep.09
    Listing all service status cmd, shell | rafacas | (0)
    # service --status-all anacron (pid 2435) is running... atd (pid 2405) is running... auditd (pid 1777) is running... Avahi daemon is running cpuspeed is stopped crond (pid 2385) is running... cupsd (pid 2424) is running... dnsmasq is stopped hald (pid 2129) is running... httpd is stopped [...] Runs all init scripts (located in /etc/init.d), in alphabetical order, with the status option. Note: Only in Red Hat and redhat-like distros (Fedora, Mandriva,...).