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  • 03.Sep.09
    Refreshing bash configuration cmd, shell | rafacas | (2)
    After writting some changes in the .bashrc file, you can reload it running this command: $ source ~/.bashrc or the even simpler $ . ~/.bashrc
  • 18.Feb.09
    Alias shell | fernape | (0)
    This command, when invoked without arguments, shows the list of aliases in your shell session: $>alias alias dir='ls -l' alias l='ls -alF' alias md='mkdir -p' It also allows you to create your own aliases: $>alias lc='ls --color' If for some reason, you want to delete an alias, you can use the unalias command: $>unalias lc Aliases can help you saving a lot of time by avoiding repetitive and long commands and options. If you want them to be permanent, you should add those definitions to your .bashrc file.