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  • 27.Oct.08
    Encryption the old-fashioned way: ccrypt security | pfortuny | (0)
    For encrypting small text files, I use ccrypt, a nifty utility which uses Rijndael-256 (aka AES-256) and just does it work as it is supposed to do. $ ccrypt -e my_file Asks you for a password twice, encrypts my_file (naming the new encrypted file my_file.cpt) and overwrites the old my_file (however, notice that journaling filesystems like ext3 or non-block filesystems might keep some or all the data elsewhere). $ ccrypt -d my_file.cpt Asks for the password and, if correct, decrypts my_file.cpt as my_file (and deletes my_file.cpt). A more useful option for small text files is: $ ccrypt -c my_file.cpt which, after asking for the password, sends the ...