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  • 01.Nov.10
    gleeBox: mouseless browsing for Chrome, Safari & Firefox cmd, network | pfortuny | (2)
    I bet you are already tired of using the mouse for browsing. Download gleeBox and forget about it. Simply GREAT. (To be honest, I should use lynx to browse the web, but...) Apologies for taking so long to write a post, I have been working hard irl. As all of you, certainly :)
  • 16.Dec.08
    TTYtter: twitter client for real commandliners scripts, shell | rafacas | (2)
    If you are a twitter adict (I know you are already a commandliner ;) TTYtter is your client. TTYtter requires only Perl 5.005 or better, and either cURL or Lynx. It supports encryption as long as your Lynx or cURL does. If your client supports it you can configure TTYtter to use SSL changing the relevant URLs. These can be changed using TTYter options (-url, -rurl, -uurl, -wurl, -update, -dmurl and -frurl) or you can cut and paste the following code into your .ttytterrc file in your $HOME directory: url= rurl= uurl= wurl= update= dmurl= frurl= The default cURL's certificate bundle is old and may not support Twitter's current ...