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  • 04.Feb.11
    Easy svn blame vim mapping shell | fernape | (0)
    The other day, this colleague of mine asked me how he could use svn blame on the same file he was editing without leaving his vim session. This is a mapping I wrote for that purpose. :map <F3> :sp %.tmp_svnblame \| :r! svn blame $(basename % .tmp_svnblame)<CR> Enjoy!
  • 04.Sep.10
    Vim. Key mapping shell | fernape | (2)
    Maps are a way to create an association between a set of key strokes and a set of actions. They are really powerful. However, in this post, I will not explain them in the deepest detail. If you need further information, you will need a good Vim manual. As it happens with abbreviations, maps can be used regardless of the mode you are in Vim or they can be restricted to a certain operation mode. They work the same way in every mode. Type :help :map to know which map commands work in which mode. First off, :map ... ... <Esc>OM       <CR> <Esc>Ol ...