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  • 25.Oct.12
    utf-8 blues in snow leopard with mutt and vim shell | pfortuny | (0)
    Yes, it looks like a true spam page. But it is the only way to describe my problem. I was trying to set up mutt (yes, I am a bit fed up with and its inability to be controlled with the keyboard alone in any sensible way). seems to work OK with utf-8. However, the included vim does not. Any time you type an accented char and delete it, the text gets mangled (you know, typical off-by-one cursor position). The solution for vim is incredibly stupid: open up vim and write :set encoding=utf-8 (or do that at any ...
  • 11.Oct.08
    screen… ttys as window managers (1) shell | pfortuny | (2)
    You either know it (in which case you probably will not bother to read on) or you must know it (and here I come to the rescue). Open your terminal of choice (in my OS X interface I press Command-0, which invokes quicksilver and then 'it <ret>', with which I get an iTerm instance). Then type $ screen and a help text appears, showing the usual GNU license text; press Return to continue. The screen blanks out as if you had just started your session. You are in, this is the red pill. You will never want out. Screen is a fully-featured 'terminal' window ...