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  • 20.May.10
    echo -n woes scripts, shell | pfortuny | (2)
    It took me quite a while to realize that the following line does not do what you think it does: $ echo '$1$CSmo96nX$G0PL/Cs/of5qDN2vMnyHp0' | openssl base64 | tr -d '\n' You should always use the -n option if you want to make sure there is no spurious trailing newline: $ echo -n '$1$CSmo96nX$G0PL/Cs/of5qDN2vMnyHp0' | openssl base64 | tr -d '\n' (By the way, the encrypted message says just 'patata0' and it is not my password). Or... is it? Tested on two Linux systems (Fedora & Ubuntu) and one Snow Leopard.