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  • 22.Jun.09
    Cleaning port’s garbage shell | fernape | (0)
    portsclean cleans garbage from the directory tree of the ports collection. It is a utility of the base system that should be run from time to time to keep one's ports infrastructure as sane as possible. portsclean wipes old package files, unneeded libraries and such. There are several interesting option flags described in the man page. This is how I run portsclean from time to time: % portsclean -DD The command above cleans all the distfiles that are not referenced by any installed package in the system. I usually run this after rebuilding the complete userland from a new ports fetch. Enjoy!
  • 14.Mar.09
    Removing software in FreeBSD shell | fernape | (0)
    Sometimes you need to uninstall some software. May be you need more room in your hard drive (not quite often nowadays, though) or maybe you just don't like the software and want to get rid of it. Here, pkg_delete and pkg_deinstall come to rescue. pkg_delete deletes a software package previously installed. It is a quite simple program, so we will jump to the other option. % pkg_delete kismet-200805.r1_1 % pkg_deinstall is a wrapper for pkg_delete that handles wildcards and traverses dependencies. So it is specially useful when you need to remove a software package that installed a lot of other packages (Gnome? KDE?). The drawback, ...