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  • 22.Jan.10
    Vim for programmers (III) shell | fernape | (0)
    Welcome to the last "Vim for programmers" issue. Ironically, in this issue I will show you some nice characteristics despite they are not specific of programming. However they make much more sense when they are applied to programming. Getting C help This first feature is oriented directly to C programming. In most UNIX systems, there is a collection of system manual pages available with the command "man". Although I will not explain man in detail (you can read more here (or type man man) it is worth saying it shows information about the command, system call, file, etc passed as parameter. ...
  • 07.Jan.10
    Vim for programmers (II) shell | fernape | (2)
    In the first part of this series, we visited some Vim features that help us in programming. In this second issue, I will show you some other important things you should know to really appreciate the power of Vim. Completion Completion is not a programming specific feature in Vim, however it is in programming where I find it to be more useful. There are several completion options, but I will explain the ones I find more interesting. Completion is a sub mode of insert mode. This means the commands are applied while being in insert mode. Line completion: Ctrl-x ...
  • 07.Dec.09
    Vim for programmers (I) shell | fernape | (1)
    Vim is suitable for a myriad of applications. However, it is in programming where it specially shines. Vim offers facilities that make the programming workflow especially easy and efficient. Some people use newer editors (or IDEs) just because they think Vim lacks some new cool features. That is not the case as I will show you in this issue. (I will use C source files in the examples, but most of the information in this post is applicable regardless of the language programming you use) Syntax highlighting Vim supports syntax highlighting for hundreds of file types. Having a look at /usr/share/vim/vim64/syntax (this is ...