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  • 26.Apr.09
    Command line Russian roulette fun | rafacas | (1)
    $ [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo Click Please notice that this is a fun command before copying and pasting. Via | xeoncross tweet.
  • 17.Jul.08
    Roll the dice scripts | fernape | (5)
    Not a command, but a fun thing anyway. What if you need a dice (as I needed the other day while trying to play a game with my friends) and you don't have one? Bash can do it: $ while true;do let dice="$RANDOM % 6"; let dice=$dice+1;echo $dice;read;clear;done Though it's a long line, this is just an infinite loop in which we use the $RANDOM bash variable which generates a random number between 0 and 32767. After that, we divide it by 6 and take the remainder (so we have a number between 0 and 5) and add 1 to shift the interval ...