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  • 08.Apr.11
    Screenshots from the command line (FreeBSD) shell | fernape | (0)
    vidcontrol is a nice utility that among other things allows one to capture the state of a video buffer and dump it to a file. The format of this file is specified in the man page as it is not a regular image file. For this reason one needs a specific tool to convert it to something one can play with. These commands are scr2txt (/usr/ports/textproc/scr2txt) and scr2png (/usr/ports/graphics/scr2png). They can then be combined using one single line: $ vidcontrol -p < /dev/ttyv0 | scr2txt > /tmp/screenshot.txt The -p flag instructs vidcontrol to get the current content of the corresponding video buffer. ...
  • 03.Sep.08
    Taking screenshots cmd | fernape | (0)
    $ import -window root screenshot.jpg Takes a shot of the whole desktop and saves it in screenshot.jpg. import is part of the ImageMagick suite.