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  • 01.Sep.11
    Adding formatting to an XML document shell | rafacas | (0)
    Sometimes, when I have to program a web service client I have to deal with unformatted XML files. For example, the next one: <users><user><email></email><passwd>a0f901492d89fe2ba88cc96bf9d 2475e</passwd></user><user><email></email><passwd>7e1b6dbfa824d 5d114e96981cededd00</passwd></user><user><email></email><passwd> 70c1db56f301c9e337b0099bd4174b28</passwd></user></users> This is not a bad thing, because it is sent that way to save traffic, but I'd rather see it in a human readable format. So I use the xmllint command, that reformat and reindent the input. $ xmllint --format test.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <users>   <user>     <email></email>     <passwd>a0f901492d89fe2ba88cc96bf9d2475e</passwd>   </user>   <user>     <email></email>     <passwd>7e1b6dbfa824d5d114e96981cededd00</passwd>   </user>   <user>     <email></email>     <passwd>70c1db56f301c9e337b0099bd4174b28</passwd>   </user> </users> The indentation can be controlled by the environment variable XMLLINT_INDENT. The default value is two spaces. pfortuny, n0str0m0, do not worry guys, those are not your ...